Freelance Journalist, Translator, Editor. Offering:

  • native German speaker, perfect in English, based in Germany (near Munich)
  • freelance writer of 25 years for German language media including: Spiegel online, connect, Color Foto, Chip Foto Video, PC Praxis, Chip, PC Welt, c’t, Computerbild, etc. (click here for a list of my recent publications; other links below)
  • translator English-German-English (including translation + updating + rework)
  • freelance editor for book and magazine projects, updating and rewriting of books and articles
  • 4 years fully employed magazine editor with special interest magazine
  • 15+ successful German language Photoshop books with publishers Markt&Technik, Addison-Wesley,  Pearson, translated into Dutch, Spanish, Polish
  • hundreds of German language print articles about image editing, photography and more
  • video tutorials for Video2Brain (part of, Chip Foto Video, Chip Academy and others
  • consulting regarding image editing and publishing projects
  • bespoke Photoshop, Lightroom trainings; other topics possible
  • promotional mailings
  • studied German language, pedagogy, political science, literature/theater

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My Strengths:

  • perfect grammar and spelling
  • delivery always (as in: always) on time
  • lively language enticing to read on, void of hollow phrases
  • ideal approach for different target groups; anybody will understand my texts
  • instructive and attractive illustrations that actually clarify my points
  • professional writer for Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Lightroom, general image editing, photo apps, general photography, travel; open for many other subjects
  • perfect in Word and Photoshop; some literacy in InDesign, Acrobat, Illustrator, WordPress

Other Expert Knowledge:

  • extended trips to rarely visited countries like Bangladesh, Iran, Cape Verde, Sierra Leone etc. (see „Travel“ below)
  • travel and travel photography in general
  • movie and music scene in India, Thailand, West Africa; generally jazz and smooth jazz
  • literature

My Publications Online (Overviews):

Sample Work (in German language):

My Latest Book Translations:

  • Chris Orwig, Authentische Portraits fotografieren
  • John Gerlach, Barbara Eddy, Naturfotografie mit dem Blitz
  • Sarah Tasker, Hashtag Authentisch
  • Scott Kelby, Lightroom Classic und CC
  • Ivo Marloh, Filmen und Fotografieren mit Drohnen


I visited the following countries independently, often several times and at length:

Austria*, Bangladesh, Brazil*, Cambodia*, Cape Verde*, Costa Rica*, Croatia*, Cuba*, Denmark, Finland*, France*, Gambia*, Germany*, Ghana*, Greece*, Hungary, India*, Indonesia*, Iran*, Italy*, Laos*, Malaysia, Nepal*, New Zealand*, Norway*, Philippines*, Portugal*, Senegal*, Sierra Leone*, Slovenia, Spain*, Sweden*, Switzerland, Thailand*, Trinidad and Tobago*, USA*, Venecuela, Vietnam*

(* 4+ weeks)

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