What’s Special about my Video Tutorials

My Video Tutorials Are Produced with Extra Care:

  • fully written and well thought out script, making sense didactically, proper introductions and final sentences giving a well-rounded feel
  • voice and video are not recorded „live“ in one go; they are recorded at different times and will be combined in post production in the best way
  • special voice correction in audio software
  • natural, voluminous voice – no cheap tinny garage sound with reverb
  • visual highlightings: red circles, arrows for mouse direction, zooms to 200 to 400 percent (with footage remaining crisp, not softening), keyboard commands shown as real computer keys for Win as well as Mac
  • possible by request: music during silent moments (for 12+ seconds of clicking only/typing only/browsing only); audible mouse clicks, usually in pauses between phrases

So in my Video Tutorials You Won’t Find:

  • bloopers, coughing, smacking, slurping, breathing, gasping
  • stuttering, mumbling, hollow jabbering
  • accidentally opened menus, uselessly circling cursor, laborious re-arranging of the screen
  • long monotonous speeches without any screen action
  • large empty interfaces with very tiny icons and menus

Video Technicalities:

  • resolution usually 1280x720px (HD standard; YouTube standard); other resolutions possible upon request
  • delivery usually in MP4 file format looking crystal clear; my zooms to 200 or 400 percent don’t look blurry and much better than in other video tutorials; but YouTube doesn’t show full quality

See for Yourself: