Lightroom CC 2015 resp. Lightroom 6: My New Videos

April 21st, 2015. The new Lightroom is just out. New headline features include HDR, panorama and face recognition.

Two Versions:

The application appears in two versions, called Lightroom CC 2015 and Lightroom 6, respectively. They don’t differ at all when used on a desktop computer.

  • Lightroom CC 2015: sold through subscriptions, synchronises with Lightroom mobile on smartphones and tablets
  • Lightroom 6: buy once, use eternally, no connection to smartphones and tablets

As said, used on a desktop the two new versions don’t differ. So my new video tutorials are useful for both Lightroom CC 2015 and Lightroom 6:

  • Lightroom’s new panorama (14 minutes)
  • Lightroom’s new HDR (5 minutes)



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